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Events are the public face of your brand. A star-studded gala or a product launch may be relatively limited in size and scope… until the photos are released. That's when event becomes image, and the public is invited to examine your product, endorsements, corporate culture, and of course, style. New York's André Maier Photography understands that the grandeur of your venue and the excitement of the event itself has to come through in photographs. Photojournalism captures your event in sharp detail, with a degree of artistic realism that lets the viewer feel like they experienced the occasion in person. Time constraints can't phase us. Your VIPs can't intimidate us – and as we are very used to working with high profile guests and celebrities, we'll never intimidate them. The size of your event is irrelevant. From small press events to affairs of a thousand or more, André Maier Photography resolutely believes that your brand (or your client's brand) and your vision should always be celebrated.

André Maier Photography: Unobtrusive. Unscripted. Atmospheric.

It's never too early to start thinking about corporate event photography.
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